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The Trainee Track offers focused and intense training pathways, preparing pre-professional level students for a smooth transition into college or a professional career. Led by award- winning choreographer and director Jai Jones, students are afforded the opportunity to have a structured training and professional development regime, but also work with other renowned professionals in the entertainment and arts industries, teacher apprenticeships


This structured Pre-Trainee track curriculum is for serious students who have been selected by the Artistic Director to continue on a serious foundational training and development track. Students have chosen the Arts as their primary focus, and must take required coursework of 3-times per week for this Level and demonstrate a mastery of intermediate-advanced level skills, vocabulary, flexibility, and coordination. Ages 8-14 years


The Trainee Track is designed for serious-minded artists who want to become versatile multi-disciplined performers. It adheres to professional standards and grounded in classical techniques, and complemented by a variety of performing art styles to assure preparedness and stability in Pathways including: Educator, Choreographer, and/or Performance. This track requires artists to train a minimum of 8- hours a week in their required training classes, plus participate in required professional development, workshops/conventions, and performance requirements. Ages 13-22 years

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