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If youth are given the opportunity to become involved in a constructive activity, they will experience success not only in the specified activity but also in their academic studies. Focusing on the education of the whole person leads to them becoming a productive part of society. This is our primary goal for AREA Outreach, Arts In Education!


AREA Outreach/Arts In Education is a daytime or after school satellite program that puts students in an arts filled environment and allows them to express their creativity in their respective after school setting!




  • ARTmoves:  Exploratory & Development Dance Program

  • ARTunplugged: Music Business & Technology Program

  • ARTconnections: Cultural Arts Enrichment Program


  • Age Means Nothing: Interactive classes through movement and music

  • Silver Tones: community based choir; perform for events throughout the area

  • Small Steps Towards a Better Life: healthy living program designed to incorporate exercise, fitness, and nutrition

  • Praise Him In Dance: explore the freedom to worship and praise through dance

Program Development & Design


Arts and Enrichment programming and activities is an essential human experience. Aligned with a personalized, arts centric service delivery model, AREA has designed arts programming for notable Organizations and Schools,  that provide innovative, high-quality arts experiences that stimulate learning, inspire creativity, and develop confidence in self-expression.

Implementation includes, but not limited to:

  • Curriculum Design and Program Implementation and Management based on exposing and exploration by and through the Arts

  • Arts Integration and Class Scheduling into School/Organization model

  • Vendor Management: Recruit, Train, Certify, Coordinate, Manage and Compensate Manage Teaching Artists, Service Providers, and Organizations

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