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Jai Mcclendon Jones


Awarded for her artistic prowess, Atlanta native Jai McClendon Jones is the Visionary & Artistic Director of award-winning performing arts training & development brand, AREA, Atlanta’s Resource for Entertainment & Arts LLC. She's a renowned choreographer for television, commercial, and stage, and Jai is regularly tapped by corporations, organizations, record labels, managers and celebrities to provide artist development, choreography, performance creation, and/or instruction. 

Jai leads the Organization’s initiatives and responsible for overseeing the artistic and business leadership of AREA including: artistic direction, planning, fiscal controls, raising funds, and promoting AREA's organizational activities of education and outreach. Thus, her strategic plan and goals areas of AREA: Community Engagement, Sustainability, Artistic Diversity, Development & Training, and Visibility dictate a true vision of growth and long-term success for this ever-growing Organization!

She is a veteran of the arts and entertainment industry as a Director, Choreographer, Instructor, Consult, and Philanthropist; BS Degree in Business (Marketing); Certificate in Arts Administration & Leadership; 28+ years of Training & Professional Development; Member of renowned Arts organizations; Served on adjudication panels, Jai offers a solid analytical and creative vision, professionalism, and “one of a kind” supporting facility that provide for a fusion of arts and business acumen at its best!



Denise Smith McClendon is the founder of the McClendon School of Dance, now the McClendon Performing Arts Institute, one of the oldest and most prestigious dance schools in Georgia, and recently merged with her daughter Jai McClendon Jones.


Ms Denise is known for her yearly production, which showcase the talents of students. She utilizes every aspect of the performing arts with each show, allowing the audience to feel the energies of the performers as they glide through the air. These shows mimic life experiences therefore teaching lessons of positivity to audiences




Brandy merges the generational gaps between old school communications and super technology users. Her motto is to always focus on the solution, and the creativity will come naturally.

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