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This 6-week Intensive Program offers a professional training opportunity, and includes a renowned faculty from all genres of dance. Offering a rigorous, unique and focused environment to not only further enhance the students technique but artistry as well, dancers will take genres from both the Concert & Commercial Dance forms including: Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, and a plethora of other arts professional development classes. Participants will also culminate with a performance with renowned Atlanta dance company, Gotta Dance Contemporary! 


Jai Jones, Denise McClendon, Mitchell Kelly, Rachel Truitt, Xavier DeMar, Shervoski Moreland, Tiffany Burgess, Tre McClendon, Jennifer Mason, with a host of other notable Instructors!

This 4-week Exploratory Program offers training in conjunction with our AIM Division. Perfect opportunity for those students who want to explore and grow into many dimensions of dance you may have never tapped into before! Participants have the opportunity to choose upwards to 5-class offerings on Saturdays including:  Ballet, Tap, Musical Theater, Acro and Hip Hop. Two 4 Week Sessions.




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CONVERGENCE | Level 1 & 2

Providing Weekly and Weekend Class & Workshop options, the !gnite Division, provides an array of unique Drop In Single Class and Class Pack Options.

This 6-week Bootcamp are for those students who cant commit to Weekday training, but want an intense and rigorous training for aspiring Trainee Division level dancers. Participants will take required classes in the Concert & Commercial Dance forms on Saturdays including: Ballet, Pointe, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip Hop. Participants will also culminate with an in studio presentation.