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The Academy is the award-winning interdisciplinary performing arts training & development school of AREA for novices to pre-professionals, and is committed to grooming leaders in the arts community who are not only gifted artists but model citizens as well!

  • Provide curriculum-based progressive training Divisions
  • Ensures our members remain at the helm of professional development in the Arts
  • Proven track record of providing proper training and development to ensure talent is equipped with the tools for a successful career in Arts & Entertainment
  • Ensures our talent feel free artistically and creatively to flourish in many dimensions of the Arts they may have never tapped before
  • Provides Seasonal Training, Master Workshops, Conventions, Summer training, and Performances (locally, regionally, nationally, internationally)
  • Provide artist and professional development including: Photoshoots, Portfolio Development, Workshops, Presentation Skills, and Mentorship

If youth are given the opportunity to become involved in a constructive activity, they will experience success not only in the specified activity but also in their academic studies! Focusing on the education of the whole person leads to them becoming a productive part of society. This is our primary goal for AREA Outreach, Arts In Education!

AREA Outreach/Arts In Education is a daytime or after school satellite or residency program that puts students in an arts filled environment and allows them to express their creativity in their respective after school setting!

  • ARTmoves:  Exploratory & Development Dance Program
  • ARTunplugged: Music Business & Technology Program
  • ARTconnections: Cultural Arts Enrichment Program
  • Creative Dreamers: Arts-based Service Learning Program


Provides a home for individual artist including but not limited to musicians, choreographers , directors, and/or emerging companies . Designed to allow artist to hone their creative voices, our artistic residency generally will last for one fiscal year, after which the artist(s) must reapply. Through this program, we hope to create a space for artist to create work that could be showcased in collaboration with AREAs ongoing initiatives, and also individually. 

AREA is proud to celebrate the amazing professional artists, choreographers, directors, and instructors who call Atlanta their Hometown! "Home Grown Series" will also highlight the AREA young adult blossoming artists who are just beginning to branch off into the collegiate or professional arts & entertainment world, in a docuSeries entitled, "Home Grown Bloomers Series", which will introduce the world to AREA alum that will inspire and encourage potential Artists of the  great possibilities within the arts & entertainment industry and beyond!

  • Residencies (Series, Semester or Year)
  • Master Workshops & Talk Back (90-mins)
  • DocuSeries (Episodes)

2303 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

Phone:(404) 921-9277

The mission of AREA is to encourage and create opportunities for all the residents of Atlanta and the larger metropolitan community to participate in and appreciate the performing arts, and strives to create a place where individuals can realize their creative potential, and where the community as a whole can share, witness and/or participate in this process.

Core Organization Values
AREA inspires artistic expression and advances cultural literacy. AREA honors Atlanta’s rich, diverse, and creative heritage through active community engagement in the performing arts. 

We are dedicated to create an unmatched artistic atmosphere that will add to the enjoyment of our multigenerational demographic, while providing a well-rounded experience to the next generation of leaders.  Committed to providing world-class training and guidance from top tier professionals, our progressive Arts-based programming is structured for the training and performance experiences required to sustain a career in the professional aspects of the arts and entertainment industry, or just understand that our area in the Arts Has No Limits”! Focused on all ages and levels ranging from our Happy Kiddies first steps program to Open Division Adult Program, allows an opportunity for everyone to explore our area in the Performing Arts with us!

  • support creativity and experimentation!
  • have a broad and inclusive definition of art!
  • are accessible, responsive, and welcoming to all!
  • are committed to creating opportunities for the appreciation of cultural differences!
  • believe the arts are valuable personally, socially and economically!
  • seek innovative ways to collaborate with artists and organizations throughout the region!
  • pursue excellence and distinction in all aspects of programming and operations!
  • are fiscally responsible!
  • believe participation in the arts enhances a person's well-being and participation by a large number enhances the community!

Impact + Results

AREA is and has made a difference in our communities by offering valuable arts education programs, performances, events, workshops and lectures to foster passion, inspiration and unique skills. Since 2009, has presented 5-Professional performance series, 12-Productions/Concerts for young emerging talent ages 3-18 years, premiered 20 new works by 27 emerging professional choreographers, presented 60 professional artists, performed for 50,000 audiences in Atlanta, and worked hands-on with over 50,000+ Atlanta and metro Atlanta-area students through our Academy, outreach efforts and/or youth programs and initiatives. We have provided arts curricula and programs for students ages 3-18 years in underserved communities and facilitated master classes, workshops, residencies, and performances with major organizations, educational institutions, and civic organizations.

Continuing to cultivate and revolutionize through the Performing Arts, and recognized as the cultural arts epicenter of Atlanta, AREAs goal is to continue to be the cornerstone for artistic excellence in the southeastern region!

AREA, is truly Where the Arts Live!

AREA was founded on the belief that the Arts have the potential to educate,engage, inspire, and empower. Atlanta embraces the arts as a compelling form of communication among individuals and across diverse cultures, expressing the issues of today while giving us a deeper understanding of the past.With each dance step, musical orchestration, or stage character, AREA provides a place for all ages to cultivate their gifts and define their artistic talents  through instruction, professional development resources, educational programming and performance opportunities.  
Our AREA has no limits!

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