Jai McClendon Jones

Founder & Executive Artistic Director

Awarded for her artistic prowess, Atlanta native Jai McClendon Jones is the Visionary & Artistic Director of award-winning performing arts training & development brand, AREA, Atlanta’s Resource for Entertainment & Arts LLC and non-profit vertical, AREA Non-Profit, Inc.

Denise McClendon

Artistic Director

Denise Smith McClendon, was the founder of the McClendon School of Dance, then converted to McClendon Performing Arts Institute (MPAI), which was one of the oldest and most prestigious dance schools in Georgia.

Crystal Power

Operations & Accounts

Crystal’s leadership has enabled AREA to have a proven track record of revenue growth and stability, increasing the company’s footprint into new geographies and integration of new service capabilities.

Brandy Stephens

Communications & Member Affairs

Brandy merges the generational gaps between old school communications and super technology users. Her motto is to always focus on the solution, and the creativity will come naturally.